Project 3030

Project 3030 was designed to help farmers who already have their forage system working well (typically ryegrass based) and are looking for the next step. This project aimed to achieve a 30% improvement in Return on Assets through a 30% increase in the consumption of home-grown forage. This is critical for further productivity gains in dryland dairying in southern Australia. Information from Project 3030 assisted with forage planning, including understanding the current forage position, selecting the best forage option for the business and managing risk. Research compares perennial pasture with double cropping systems and summer shoulder pastures using component research and modelling. Forage planning is central to the extension effort, which includes farmlet trials at DemoDairy and partner farms.

Summary of Project after completion:

Over a 6 year period Project 3030 largely met the criteria of an industry wide, multi disciplinary farm systems forage RD&E project. The Component research team conducted a vast array of small scale forage research trials, resulting in many notable discoveries around the potential of complimentary forages. The Project 3030 Farmlets located at DemoDairy via Terang provided 6 years of results that consistently highlighted both the potential of complimentary forages, and the yet to be fully tapped potential of the perennial ryegrass system. The thorough investigation of the farmlets provided invaluable insights into the potential gains and pitfalls of perennial ryegrass and a variety of complimentary forage options.

The extension side of the project conducted under the Profitable Farming theme successfully established 5 Partner Farms and Forage Insight Groups and associated industry support groups. The outcome of investigations by the social research arm of the project suggested that Project 3030 achieved a high level of industry awareness and promoted a greater focus on the potential of both PRG and complementary forages to improve genuine farm profitability.

Funding: Dairy Australia, DPI, GippsDairy, Murray Dairy, WestVic Dairy, University of Melbourne
See the Department of Primary Industries website for an overview of Project 3030