Green Cleaning of dairy milking equipment

Hot wash chemical wash systems of dairy milking equipment are effective but they use large quantities of energy, water and chemicals. This project brought together the farm, technical, regulatory and commercial sectors to develop the next generation of environmentally sustainable milking machine cleaning systems, and  introduced them into the Victorian dairy industry. Its legacy is commercially available products that clean dairy plants effectively using warm water and reuse of chemicals.

AgVet Projects was responsible for the management and delivery of the project. The project’s industry partners included the main suppliers of dairy equipment and dairy chemicals in Australia: Daviesway, Milka-Ware, DairyMaster, Campbell Cleantec, DeLaval, Tasman Chemicals and Westfalia Surge. Using the findings from the project as a guide, some of these companies are developing their own proprietary systems for the market place.

This project was funded by:  Sustainability Victoria and the Gardiner Foundation
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