Dairy Workforce

A common theme that has been raised consecutively over few years by Gippsland dairy farmers is the increasing need for labour on farms.  This is supported by statistics that analyse the employment demands of the region versus the current supply of labour.

Nationally and in Gippsland, the demand for on-farm labour is growing. The employees need to be well trained and be able to function in a complex dairy system and ultimately, the quality and availability of a suitable workforce will affect the industry’s longevity.

The dairy industry needs people with different skills to fill a variety of roles such as milkers, managers, farm hands (part time, full time), casual staff, service sector support and land owner/investors to name just a few.

GippsDairy wants to be proactive on the employment and workforce development issues that farmers have raised. There have been some notable industry initiatives, resulting in the development of tools for farmers, which have assisted them in understanding the complex world of employing and managing people on dairy farms. 

This project is intended to:

  • Support farmers in using industry employment tools and attend industry courses by providing a project officer to give technical support and promote products, tools and events
  • Supply a supported job advertising process using the GippsDairy web site and promotion in the local media
  • Clarify and raise awareness of career pathways in the dairy industry by using industry developed career pathways and build relationships with regional schools to promote the industry as a career option
  • Boost training in multiple aspects of dairy farming systems by linking interested people with appropriate training options through providers such as NCDE

For more information or assistance in this area, please contact the Project Co-ordinator on 56243900 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at the GippsDairy Office.